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TigerGraph Docs : Release Notes for TigerGraph Platform version 1.1

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Major New Features

There are two major additions to the TigerGraph platform in v1.1:  Improved JSON Output format and Encrypted Connections using SSL.

1. Query JSON Output Format

TigerGraph v1.1 introduces an improved JSON format for query output with the following benefits:

  • Consistent and logical structure:

    • Each PRINT statement produces exactly one JSON object.

    • Each expression on the PRINT statement produces one key:value pair.

  • Greater flexibility and expressiveness:

    • Any printable expression can be listed with any other printable expression in one PRINT statement.

    • Each expression's key can either be the expression itself (default) or a user-assigned name.

To maintain backward compatibility , the platform can still produce the previous JSON output format, if the user sets a system configuration parameter or by specifying the API version in an individual query's definition.  Also, the JSON header now includes an "api" field to indicate that the accompanying data is in which format.

  • For details on the top level structure ("header") for JSON output, see GSQL Query Output Format in Chapter 2 of the GSQL Language Reference Part 2 - Querying .

  • For details on how each data type and print expression is presented in JSON, see the Output Statements chapter in the GSQL Language Reference Part 2 - Queryin g.

2. Encrypted Connections using SSL

TigerGraph supports secure data-in-flight communication, using SSL/TLS encryption protocol.

See Using Encrypted SSL Connections

Other Changes

GSQL Language

  • NEW SumAccum data types also include STRING COMPRESS (in addition to INT, FLOAT, DOUBLE, and STRING).

  • NEW The keyword POST_ACCUM can be used instead of POST-ACCUM.

  • CHANGE PRINT: If the new ("v2") output API is used, the syntax for printing an attribute or accumulator of each vertex in a vertex set variable has changed. This is not a common situation. (It affected 10 of the ~130 example queries in our documentation.)
  • CHANGE PRINT: The syntax for printing CVS output to a file has changed from "> filename" to "TO_CSV filename". The ">" symbol could be confused with a "greater than" symbol.

  • REMOVED CREATE VERTEX: the WITH STATS = "outdegree" option is no longer supported. The "outdegree_by_edgetype" and "null" options are still available.

Built-In REST Endpoints

  • DOC CORRECTION GET /endpoints: If no parameters are specified, then ALL endpoint types are displayed.  Previously the documentation incorrectly stated that no endpoint types would be displayed.
  • REMOVED The following built-in endpoint(s) are removed:
    • GET /graph/schema
    • POST /builtins/stat_degree_histogram

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED Boolean accumulators (AndAccum, OrAccum) in a query can be updated using a boolean expression, not only with simple fixed values.


New Sections

Significant Revisions

Upgrading from Earlier Systems

Always refer to all the incremental Release Notes between your current version and your target version before undertaking an Upgrade.  Pay attention to changes in features and compatibility of the data and application files.